Sake Brewery Guesthouse 「MitoyotsuruTOJI」

Mitoyotsuru is located in Mitoyo City in Kagawa Prefecture. As a sake brewery, Mitoyotsuru was founded in 1877 and had been operating until 2005. The sake was made by a team of brewers led by a master brewer, known as a “Toji” -- the origin of our name. Mitoyotsuru TOJI has been reborn and designed as a brewery experience guesthouse: A place where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a traditional sake brewery, exactly as it was. The rooms where the brewers themselves had rested while practicing their craft are now renovated and revived for your enjoyment.

“Brew a New You!”

Although it is called a “brewery experience guesthouse”, MitoyotsuruTOJI is no longer a functioning sake brewing facility. What we offer is the chance to reinvigorate and refresh yourself in our unique brewing environment. We want you to experience the process of starting from the raw self coming just out of the rice fields to be turned into a delicious fresh sake. By going through the sake brewing process from a different perspective, your imagination can be activated and a fresh perspective gained on everything! This process is for you to refresh and enjoy. As our facility can hold up to 11 people, it is possible to share the fun with friends or multiple families, or as company training or other group events. We hope you will enjoy this truly unique brewing experience that only Mitoyotsuru TOJI can offer.

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Plan Information

Basic Plan

◼️Price: JPY50,000(up to 4 people)
 Additional guests: JPY7,000 per person ※cost per guest: JPY9,000〜12,500
<Fridays, Saturdays, Public holidays & the day before public holidays>
◼️Price:JPY70,000(up to 4 people)
 Additional guests: JPY9,000 per person ※cost per guest: JPY12,090〜17,500

*Plans with a BBQ set are also available.


Reception time
Guest numbers
Maximum 11 persons
6 spaces available


Toothbrush set / razor / body wash towel / comb / shampoo / conditioner / body soap
1 bath towel / 1 face towel (per guest)
Free Wi-Fi available

Other available facilities

The BBQ and BBQ space can be used freely. If you would like to, charcoal, starter fluid, and longs are available for a fee (3000 yen plus tax).
<BBQ Ingredients>
Please feel free to bring any ingredients you like for the BBQ. Alternatively, a BBQ set can be reserved for an additional cost (to be collected from our partner supermarket).

Health and safety preventive measures at Mitoyotsuru TOJI

  • ■At reception, staff will be wearing masks at all times during guest interactions
  • ■Staff health checks are conducted frequently. Prior to work each day, each staff member will have their body temperature checked, and records will be kept for guests' safety.
  • ■For community safety, body temperature checks at check-in and recent overseas travel history will also be requested of all guests. If a guest's temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius (or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit), we reserve the right to deny guest access in accordance with the instructions issued by the centre for public health.
  • ■Cleaning and surface wiping with alkaline disinfectant is conducted in this establishment, in addition to regular room cleaning. Locations frequently touched (door knobs, drawer and refrigerator handles, remote controls, switches, etc.) are disinfected using this solution.
  • ■High temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery, and disinfection of food trays are conducted.